Community Event Requests

Thank you for thinking of us as a participant at your event! Please read through these points to see if animals will work at your event. 

  • The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) is an open-intake shelter. We cannot guarantee what dogs and cats we will have at the shelter at the time of your event.
  • WCRAS will only take animals that we feel are compatible with your event. This may limit the number of animals attending your event. We will not guarantee a set number of animals.
  • All offsite events are run by trained volunteers on a volunteer basis. Scheduling and availability is based on the availability of our volunteers’ schedules. The percentage of dogs who get adopted from offsite adoption events is very low. Our volunteers are more encouraged to participate in events which help the shelter in multiple ways. 
  • Events require at least two trained volunteers. Each event will have one lead volunteer. The helping volunteers may bring animals. This always leaves one volunteer to help with breaks and emergencies.
  • Our volunteers work on a voluntary basis. WCRAS cannot guarantee a volunteer(s) will sign up for your event.
  • Please be realistic with our volunteers and our animals. Our shelter primarily has adult, large dogs living at the facility. This is who you can expect at your event.
  • All volunteers handling animals must have been trained through our orientation, 1:1, and additional trainings.
  • WCRAS handles domestic animal-related crisis situations for Hutto, Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Williamson County. If we are in a crisis situation, we may have to cancel our attendance to your event.
  • A minimum of four weeks' notice is needed so that a request to volunteers has time to be submitted.
  • Generally speaking, adoption events do not draw crowds. In order for events to be successful, either a crowd needs to already be present or marketing needs to be done to create a crowd for adoptions.
  • Generally speaking, dogs do not do well near loud, live music (especially with lots of percussion). If this applies to your event, please reserve a spot for us away from the live music. 
  • Water and weather play a part in our ability to participate. Our dogs must have easy access to water. Our dogs (and our volunteers) cannot be in a sunny/hot area for long periods of time without shade or water. In addition, too extreme temperatures (cold and hot) or storms/rain may prevent us from attending.

Please complete our Event Request Form. Questions? Email

We are appreciative of all invites and are working with limited resources. We appreciate your understanding.

Upcoming Community Events

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Special Events

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Beginning on Friday, November 18th, come to the shelter to select a medium-to-large adult dog to foster for the holiday season with our Home For The Holidays fostering program. Add the sounds of a happy dog to your home this joyful time of the year and get the best of life with a pet for the duration. To participate, come to the shelter to pick out a foster dog. If it's the perfect match, you can adopt at any time during the program, which ends on January 2nd, 2023. Otherwise, bring the dog back to us at that time. It's the perfect opportunity to experience the wonders of pet ownership without the long-term commitment, and the dog gets a break from life in the shelter. What's not to love? To get started, fill out the Foster Registration Form.